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Mae West: HSM

It was the June 1973 issue of Hollywood Studio Magazine and MAE WEST was their cover girl.
• • Dedicated to the Golden Age of Hollywood and the marquee names that drew patrons into the movie houses from the Prohibition Era until the late 1960s, the publication Hollywood Studio Magazine began its run in 1957.  Since you can find back issues dating to 1989, it was around for over thirty years.  It evolved from an in-house studio magazine to a newsstand staple, eventually altering its title to Hollywood Studio Magazine, Then and Now.  Writing and editing were so slipshod that you can find covers with top screen stars' names spelled incorrectly. But classic film fans enjoyed the nostalgia, candid photos of celebrities, and seldom seen images.
• • Frank Mitchell Dazey [30 April 1892 — 16 June 1970] • •
• • Mae West shared writing credit on "Klondike Annie" [1936] with several people. One participant was Frank Mitchell Dazey.
• • The son of the playwright and screenwriter Charles Turner Dazey, Francis Mitchell Dazey was born in Quincy, Illinois on 30 April 1892. He followed his father into the screen trade and began writing and editing material for shorts in 1914 when he was a young man of 22. Between 1914 — 1936, he had completed (or collaborated on) fifty scripts for Hollywood. Coming out of retirement (briefly), he wrote for Lux Video Theatre, a TV series, in 1954.
• • Frank Mitchell Dazey died in Hollywood, California in the month of June — — on 16 June 1970.  He was 78.
• • On Thursday, 16 June 1932 • •
• • It was on Thursday, 16 June 1932 when Mae West arrived in Pasadena, California on The Chief. She was unimpressed by the motion picture landscape she surveyed from the train station. "I'm a big girl from a big town," Mae told the Los Angeles reporters, "coming to a little town."
• • On Saturday, 16 June 1934 • •
• • A featured article "Come Up and Meet Mae West" by Frank Condon appeared in Collier's Magazine, in their issue dated for 16 June 1934.  Mae's recent robbery was described. And the actress explained why she did not like "Belle of the Nineties": "Too much of me in it. The story just didn't turn out right."
• • On Saturday, 16 June 1951 • •
• • Referring to a former cast member Sarah Allen, who was suing her, Mae West said: "It takes more than platinum blonde hair and shapely hips to be like Mae West."
• • "Yesterday Mae West appeared at a hearing in court of a damage suit brought against her by another actress. Miss West gave Sarah Allen permission to do a Mae West routine, then slandered Miss Allen and ruined her career by accusing her of stealing the material.  Many people in the world impersonate Miss West. Women always put their hands on their hips and say one of her famous lines. ..." What's this? These are direct quotes from news coverage printed in papers such as Biloxi Daily Herald and Capital Times on Saturday, 16 June 1951.
• • It seems this lawsuit was initiated in NYC back in November 1950.
• • In Her Own Words • •
• • Mae West said: "A man's kiss is his signature."
• • Mae West said: "So this is the place where a leaf falls up in some canyon and they tell you it's winter."
• • Quote, Unquote • •
• • An article in Parade Magazine quoted Mae West.
• • Parade Magazine quoted this: "The story of Diamond Lil makes one think of a modern idea of the Single Standard. I believe in the Single Standard for men and women," said Mae West. "I will tour with Diamond Lil for another season ... people will be given something to think about that they never thought of before."  ...
• • Source: Article:  published in Parade Magazine; printed in 1929
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