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Mae West: Indecency

MAE WEST was censored again in June 1934, this time in her hometown and by the New York State Board of Regents.
• • The headline read "Film Banned in New York — Mae West's Latest Production."
• • NEW YORK, June 26 — On the eve of the release, Miss Mae West's new film, "It Ain't No Sin," has been banned by the Board of Regents in New York State. Officials of the Paramount Company state that the film will be recalled, and considerably altered before it will be released.
• • Source: Article reprinted in Australia by The Queenslander (on page 19) on Thursday, 28 June 1934.
• • Joe Schenck [2 June 1891 — 28 June 1930] • •
• • According to Walter Hutter of Ridgewood: "Van and Schenck discovered each other in a tavern at Knickerbocker and Willoughby Avenues, their meeting coming through an introduction by Jack West, father of Mae West. Mae was another famous personality with a Ridgewood background."
• • Joe Schenck rehearsed with Mae and his musicians in a clubhouse located at 70-12 Cypress Hills, Ridgewood, NY.
• • Born in Brooklyn, New York on 2 June 1891, Joseph Thuma Schenck was a musician, a pianist, and a singer with strong ambitions.
• • Joe Schenck died while working with his partner Gus Van in Detroit in the month of June — — on 28 June 1930.  He was 39. Heartbroken, his wife Lillian never remarried. She bought a family plot and buried her young husband in The Evergreens Cemetery, 1629 Bushwick Avenue, Brooklyn, where they share a headstone.
• • On Thursday, 28 June 1934 • • 
• • On Thursday, 28 June 1934 this article appeared in the Nevada State Journal as well as other newspapers in the USA and abroad.
• • "It Ain't No Sin," starring Mae West, Hit by Churchmen • •
• • NEW YORK, June 27, AP — — A Mae West movie of the same type that established the swaggering actress as the premier screen siren and one featuring Dolores Del Rio as the French Madame du Barry became the first victims of a militant church campaign for decency in pictures. ...
• • Both the Mae West "Ain't No Sin" and the Miss Del Rio biographical picture were withdrawn from application for licensing in New York. The censors did not know what "sin" referred to in the Mae West film.
• • Paramount Productions Inc., producers of Miss West's pictures, announced it was being sent back to Hollywood for revision and would be reissued another time. ... The announcements came a few days after leaders of Catholic and Jewish faiths joined in a nationwide drive against indecent movies.  ...
• • Source: Article:  "'It Ain't No Sin,' starring Mae West, Hit by Churchmen" written by AP; reprinted on page 1 by Nevada State Journal; published on 28 June 1934.
• • On Friday, 28 June 1946 • • 
• • Mae West was starring in "Come On Up" at Cass Theatre in Detroit on Friday, 28 June 1946. The Playgoer's cover featured a beautiful portrait of Mae West perched on a divan wearing a beautiful gown with a floral pattern. 
• • On Thursday, 28 June 1956 in Los Angeles • •
• • Bodybuilder Mickey Hargitay filed assault charges against Charles Krauser, who punched him out in Mae West's dressing room.  Krauser pleaded self defense.  The trial was set for Thursday, 28 June 1956 in Los Angeles.
• • In Her Own Words • •
• • Catherine reigned as Empress of Russia for some 34 years — — from 28 June 1762 until her death in 1796. Here is the famous curtain speech Mae West gave: “I’m glad you like my Catherine. I like her, too. She ruled 30 million people and had 3,000 lovers. I do the best I can in two hours.”
• • Mae West said: "She who laughs lasts."
• • Quote, Unquote • •
• • An article about money and damages sought by Frank Wallace mentioned Mae West.
• • Mae West's Mate Seeks $105,000 Damages • •
• • Wallace Files Action Against Actress' Manager • •
• • Los Angeles, August 10, AP — — Frank Wallace, who says he is Mae West's husband, sued her business manager James Timony and five John Does for $105,000 damages today. ...
• • Associated Press wrote:   Court records show two forms of judgment to determine Miss West's marital status were submitted to Judge Robert W. Kenny June 28, 1937. One, stating Wallace and Miss West "were still man and wife" was rejected on technical grounds.  The other, submitted by Miss West's attorney and declaring she and Wallace were married in Wisconsin in 1911 and that "that marriage has never been dissolved by any action of the defendant," was signed by Judge Kenny.
• • Associated Press wrote:  Miss West, on vacation at a ranch, was unavailable for comment.  ...
• • Source: Article: "Mae West's Mate Seeks $105,000 Damages" written by A.P. for The Milwaukee News-Sentinel and printed on page 13; published on Sunday, 10 August 1940 
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