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Mae West: Idlewild Airport

When MAE WEST took a TWA flight from Los Angeles to New York City, her plane landed at Idlewild Airport on Monday, 25 June 1956.  She waved to fans, who were thrilled to greet her as she disembarked with Charles Krauser.  The fight in her dressing room in Washington, DC had suddenly brought "Mr. California" into focus.
• • "Mae West Is Host at Swinging Fracas" ran a headline printed on 7 June 1956. "Mae West's Muscle Men Trade Blows" was another. Krauser, who planted a haymaker on "Mr. Universe" (Mickey Hargitay), pleaded self defense and the trial was scheduled for 28 June 1956.
• • June 8th, Hargitay boarded an Eastern Airlines jet at D.C.  When he landed in NYC, Jayne Mansfield [1933 1967]  leapt into his arms, grinning broadly for the waiting photographers. One news man wrote: Jayne Mansfield, beaming with admiration for his "Gentlemanly Restraint," is scooped up into the arms of her new romantic attachment, "Mr. Universe" (Mickey Hargitay), who suffered a black eye, cut lip and wounded pride in a hassle in the dressing room of Mae West. Jayne was at Idlewild to welcome Hargitay on his arrival from Washington. "I think he would have killed him," marveled the actress.  "Any man can be an animal and Mickey is the strongest man in the world." Hargitay has filed assault charges against Krauser and the trial comes up June 28.
• • "The Mae West Revue" would be opening soon in Atlantic City, Mae West told reporters on Monday, 25 June 1956.  The night club act was now short on one well-built gladiator.  It's a good thing Chuck and Mickey took separate flights to Idlewild Airport.  
• • To prevent this incident from fueling more articles, Mae suggested he change his name to Paul Novak.  Years later Mae West told an interviewer, “Paul showed what he was made of and what he would do for me.”
• • Charles Sullivan [24 April 1899 — 25 June 1972] • •
• • Actor Charles Sullivan portrayed a New Orleans audience admirer in "Belle of the Nineties" [1934].
• • Born in Monroe, Louisiana on 24 April 1899, Charles Sullivan made his cinema debut at age 26.  From 1925 — 1960, the durable bit parts player was seen in 495 roles, mostly for the silver screen as well as a handful of guest starring bits on TV. Prizefighter, champion, brawler, MP, shore patrolman, soldier, tough sailor, marine, tank crew, football player, trainer, miner, cab driver, chauffeur, policeman, bailiff, henchman, convict, bodyguard, hood, mug, truckdriver assassin, bartender, etc. were some of the minor characters he brought his liveliness to.  Casting agents patched Charles Sullivan into scenes that called for physical confidence and muscular authority.
• • Charles Sullivan died in Los Angeles on 25 June 1972.  He was 73.
• • On Friday, 25 June 1926 • •
• • It was on Friday, 25 June 1926 that Mae West appeared with Al Jolson — — as well as Houdini and other entertainers (such as George M. Cohan, Fanny Brice, the Marx Brothers, Ann Pennington, Hazel Dawn, Eddie Foy, etc.) — — at the Polo Grounds on West 155th Street in Manhattan's Washington Heights area. The fundraiser was for the benefit of the United Jewish Campaign.
• • On Thursday, 25 June 1970 in The N.Y. Times • •
• • "Myra Breckinridge" opened in wide release on June 24th.
• •  An article written by Howard Thompson was printed in The N.Y. Times on page 54 on Thursday, 25 June 1970:  "Mae West, 76, Still Finding New Generations of Fans."
• • On Tuesday, 25 June 1996 • •
• • An auction at Christie's in New York City on Tuesday, 25 June 1996 offered two different lots of items once owned by Mae West:  A collection of her accessories included: a white full length hostess gown with V neckline (c. 1970s); a pair of mother of pearl opera glasses; a rhinestone necklace with dangling center design; a black feather stole; and a black wool hat with velveteen color and rhinestone trim (sewn in tag reads An Original Phil Strann California). Also a black and white photo of Mae West, a piece of her personal stationary, a letter to the Manager of Paramount Theatre in Syracuse, NY signed by Mae West.
• • Christie's had estimated this lot would sell for $1,500 — $2,000, however, a new collector snagged it for only  $1,380.
• • The second lot consisted of a collection of circa 1930s black and white photographs including one of Mae West with actor George Raft (signed by both); a still for the film "The Heat's On," 1943 signed Mae West; Victor Moore and William Gaxton; and a photograph (10" x 8") of Mae West inscribed "For Brenda, Sincerely Mae West."
• • Christie's had estimated this photo lot would sell for $$600 — $1,000, however, a buyer snapped it up for $690.
• • In Her Own Words • •
• • Mae West said: "I think that 'Sex' is one of the cleanest plays on Broadway. There is no nudity, and no obscene language in the whole play."
• • Mae West said: "And that prosecutor James Wallace could make The Rosary look like a suggestive play if he talked five minutes on it."
• • Mae West said: "Jail life is not bad after all.  It may be the making of me."
• • Quote, Unquote • •
• • An article about Hollywood stars going to prison mentioned Mae West.
• • Bill Bell and Donna Rosenthal wrote: So, Sean Penn goes to the slammer. Big deal. Steve McQueen was there, on bread and water yet. Even Sophia Loren and Mae West did time.
• • Bill Bell and Donna Rosenthal wrote: Mae West? Yeah, when she was hauled away in the 1920s for indecent behavior (sic) in a Broadway show called "Sex," she almost trampled a cop getting into the paddy wagon. "Hey!" the cop shouted, "what's the rush?" "Last time," Mae West shouted back, "I had to stand!"  ...
• • Source: Article: "Sean Penn Not Only Star To Do Jail Stints" written by Bill Bell and Donna Rosenthal for N.Y. Daily News; posted on 25 June 1987
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