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Mae West: 3 from Chickadee

Three people who worked with MAE WEST on "My Little Chickadee" [1940] have a connection to June 29th.
• • Vera West [26 June 1898 — 29 June 1947] • •
• • Born in New York City, Vera West designed the gowns Mae wore in her collaboration with W.C. Fields.  When she was 26 years old, Vera West was initially hired as replacement for Lucia Coulter in 1924.  However, she remained at Universal until her death in 1947 where she was responsible for the gowns for the most part. Her credit appeared on 339 motion pictures.
• • Vera West died in Los Angeles on 29 June 1947.  She was 49.
• • John Kelly [29 June 1901 — 9 December 1947] • •
• • Born in Boston, John Kelly made his film debut in a bit role in "After Midnight" [1927] when he was 26 years old. Between the next two decades, he appeared in 165 motion pictures.  He played a henchman in "My Little Chickadee."  His final films were released in 1948.
• • John Kelly died in Los Angeles on 9 December 1947.  The actor was 46.
• • Chester Gan [4 July 1908 — 29 June 1959] • •
• • Born in San Francisco, Chester Gan made his film debut as a soldier in Indo-China in "Prestige" [1932].  Between 1932 — 1950 he was invariably cast as an Asian or a Chinese character in feature films or on TV. He was seen onscreen in 94 projects and in "My Little Chickadee" he played a Chinese train passenger.
• • Chester Gan died in San Francisco  on 29 June 1959.  He was 50.
• • Frank Henry Loesser [29 June 1910 — 26 July 1969] • •
• • A native New Yorker like Mae West, Frank Henry Loesser was a versatile composer and lyricist.
• • In 1944, Loesser wrote the contrapuntal duet "Baby, It's Cold Outside" and premiered it his wife at their Navarro Hotel house-warming party.  Mae sang it with Rock Hudson at the Oscars.
• • A lifelong smoker, Frank Loesser died of lung cancer at age 59.
• • On Friday, 29 June 1934 • • 
• • Mae heard more than enough objections about "It's No Sin" from Joe Breen, Catholic priests, and the censors in New York State.  "If they think it's too warm, I'll cool it off," Mae told a Newsweek reporter.  On Friday, 29 June 1934 an article appeared in The Los Angeles Herald.  Mae assured the paper that she wanted to satisfy the censors.  "You can never say," emphasized Mae, "I refused to meet somebody half way." 
• • On Saturday, 29 June 1935 • • 
• • Paramount liaison John Hammell wrote diplomatic letters to Will Hays but his skills were sorely tested by the "Klondike Annie" project.  One of Hammell's soothing missives (dated for 29 June 1935) explained:  "The ending of our story will be a romance between Mae West and one of the characters in our picture, and it will indicate for the future a normal life and nothing that will bring condemnation from the most scrupulous."
• • On Tuesday, 29 June 1937 • • 
• • Mae West was doing her part in Singapore to keep an English-speaking audience entertained on Tuesday, 29 June 1937.
• • Singapore-based readers of The Straits Times on Tuesday, 29 June 1937, saw this announcement on page 5: "DON'T COME UP AND SEE ME SOMETIME! COME UP AND SEE ME TONIGHT!"
• • Mae West stars in "Go West Young Man" — — with Warren William and Lyle Talbot at the Pavilion Theatre — — 2 showtimes 6:15 pm and 9:15 pm.  Snappy and saucy and crammed with laughs. And a seductive headshot of Mae was quite fetching.
• • On Wednesday, 29 June 2005 • •
• • Christie's auction was held in NYC on 29 June 2005.
• • A special collectible was "Diamond Lil" by Mae West [New York: Sheridan House, 1949].  It was a first edition and a presentation copy autographed by Mae: "To Michael O'Shea, So glad you say all the nice things about 'Diamond Lil.' From the author Sincerely Mae West." A lucky collector snagged it for $600.
• • In Her Own Words • •
• • Mae West said: "There are no good girls gone wrong — — just bad girls found out."
• • Mae West said: "If a picture of mine didn't get an X rating, I'd be insulted."
• • Quote, Unquote • •
• • An article about wives and marriage quoted Mae West.
• • Kumar in Bangkok wrote:   Marriage is a three ring circus: engagement ring, wedding ring, and suffering. Before marriage, a man yearns for the woman he loves. After marriage, the  'Y' becomes silent.
• • A successful man is one who makes more money than his wife can spend. A successful woman is one who can find such a man. — Lana Turner.
• • Marriage is a great institution, but I'm not ready for an institution. — Mae West . ..
• • Source: Article: "Wedded Bliss" written by Kumar from the Asian Institute of Technology in Bangkok to Nepal Digest; posted on Friday, 23 June 1995
By the Numbers • •
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