Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Mae West: Chester Conklin

The Grand Prospect Hall was built in 1892 in Brooklyn — — and visiting luminaries included MAE WEST, according to the venue's website.
• • Lately, this stately structure [at 263 Prospect Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11215] — — which rents ballrooms and salons for meetings and catered affairs, but has not much in the way of overnight accommodations — — plans to expand.
• • A strategy will be needed in order to stare down the local community leaders, therefore, the owners are currently reminding everyone about its storied past when Sophie Tucker graced one of the 1910 programs, when gangster mobster Al Capone used to frequent their cellar speakeasy, and when presidential candidate William Jennings Bryan attended a gathering.
• • No dates and no specific details are given about Mae West's purpose in being there. But the owners are telling the news media she was there — — and lazy reporters do not bother to check.
• • January 11th • •
• • The motion picture "Every Day's a Holiday" [1938] starred Mae West and featured Edmund Lowe, Charles Butterworth, Charles Winninger, Lloyd Nolan, Walter Catlett, Chester Conklin, and Louis Armstrong.
• • Born in Oskaloosa, Iowa, Chester Cooper Conklin [11 January 1886 — 11 October 1971] was an American comedian and actor. He appeared in over 280 films, about half of them in the silent era when his name really resonated. Gradually, he became a bit parts player and was cast as a cabby in "Every Day's a Holiday" — — in a memorable scene when Mae West's shady character has to cross the Brooklyn Bridge. On his birthday we reminisce about his decades long career.
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