Saturday, January 22, 2011

Mae West: Piper Laurie

Though we are not big fans of the 1982 TV bio-pic about MAE WEST, the actress who played Mae's beloved mother onscreen was born today.
• • Cast in this televised production as Matilda West, Piper Laurie's birthname was Rosetta Jacobs. The little redhead was born in Detroit, Michigan in the month of January — — on 22 January 1932 — — the daughter of a Polish immigrant and his Russian-American wife.
• • Mae West's Playboy Interview on iPad • •
• • “Is that an iPad in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?” — — Mae West would most likely enjoy the opportunities that our media-driven world now offers for more people to be happy to see her. According to F.C. Etier: Whether you’re using the new Playboy Hard Drive or looking forward to the just announced Playboy feature (about to be available on iPad) to fill your eyes with beautiful models, opportunities abound. . . . On Thursday, 19 January 2011, Hugh Hefner announced (via his “official” Twitter account) that Playboy (archives and new issues) would be available “uncensored” on iPad. . . . [Source:, 21 January 2011]
• • On Mae West Street • •
• • According to John D'Anna, who reports for The Arizona Republic: Last year Bob Urdiales and his neighbors on Mae West Street at Superstition Sunrise RV Resort set the record for the world's longest salad bar. This year's party has a Love Boat shipwreck theme, playing off the idea that — — in addition to being a bawdy comedienne — — a Mae West is also a life preserver. ... [Source:, 21 January 2011]
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