Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Mae West: Glancing Back

Should NBC finally apologize to MAE WEST? — — is the question freshly posed in a radio column posted yesterday. Mae-mavens will already recognize the reference to "The Chase and Sanborn Hour" episode hosted by ventriloquist Edgar Bergen when Mae was featured as Eve in the Garden of Eden skit penned by Arch Obler and aired in December 1937.
• • Contact NBC here and let them know your opinion of this 1937 censoring of Mae and banishing her from the NBC network for fifteen years: NBC Universal Inc. Corporate Office | Headquarters | 30 Rockefeller Plaza | New York, NY 10112 | Tel: (212) 664-4444.
• • According to Matthew Lasar: Everybody’s waiting for the United States government to decide whether to approve the merger of Comcast and NBC Universal. . . . But I’ve got another condition to consider — — asking NBC Universal posthumously apologize to Mae West for banning her from its radio network almost 75 years ago.
• • Matthew Lasar continues: Ironically, NBC was responsible for Golden Age of Radio’s worst act of broadcast suppression. The banning of West legitimized the endless clamor for censorship, laying the groundwork for the ever harsher interpretations of the FCC’s Pacifica decision that we endure today.
• • Matthew Lasar concludes: It’s time for the media company to make amends for that mistake by posthumously apologizing to Mae West — — one of the great stage, cinema, and radio performers of the twentieth century.
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• • Article: "Should NBC finally apologize to Mae West?"
• • Byline: Matthew Lasar
• • Published by: Radio Survivor | News, views and tough love for radio — — www.radiosurvivor.com
• • Published on: 3 January 2011
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• • On January 4th • •
• • Mae's bodyguard and chauffeur William "Gorilla" Jones died on this date in 1982.
• • Biographers agree that the relationship wasn't all business. West and Jones remained close companions for 40 years. In public, he referred to her as ''The Lady,'' never by her name.
• • According to Hollywood lore, Mae West got very agitated when house managers tried to block Jones from visiting her sixth-floor suite in the Ravenswood apartment complex. She bought the building and hired new staff.
• • ''A motion picture company offered me a quarter-million to film my story, but they wanted to make me say I was her lover,'' Jones told Jet magazine in 1974. ''That would be a lie because she was my manager and my friend. All the money in the world would be no good without a friend who has done everything to keep me on top and let me live the life I wanted to live.''
• • Jones was devastated in 1980 when West died in Ravenswood at age 87. She left him two apartment buildings and three houses. As his health deteriorated, his weight dropped to around 100 pounds. It was in January 1982 when William ''Gorilla'' Jones died of arteriosclerosis at age 75.
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Mae West.

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