Saturday, January 15, 2011

Mae West: William Beckley

Before she began scripting her own material, MAE WEST was invariably cast as an Irish maid in Broadway shows and revues.
• • Always one to make sure that as many extras were working as possible, Mae would boost the cast number for any project she was able to. If a leading lady typically had one maid in a scene, Mae would try to get more hired.
• • Certain actors, too, were often typecast as servants, valets, or hotel staff. For instance, William Francis Beckley, who played the desk clerk in "Sextette," is best known for his role as Gerard the butler in "Dynasty," the TV series.
• • William Beckley was born in London, England in mid-January — — on 15 January 1930. We wish him a very happy birthday today. He is 81.
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