Friday, January 07, 2011

Mae West: Keystone State

An announcement of a wine event in The Keystone State mentioned MAE WEST.
• • "Wine Circle: The Mystery of Fortified Wines" refers to any wine to which a distilled beverage (usually brandy) has been added, for instance, port, sherry, Madeira, etc. Friday 14 January 2011 is the "Wine Circle" date and the venue is the Hotel Fauchere [401 Broad St., Milford, PA].
• • Hotel Fauchere was established by Switzerland native and master chef Louis Fauchere in the mid-1800s. Notable guests who have spent the night at the "French hotel" have included Mae West, Andrew Carnegie, Robert Frost, Babe Ruth, Ogden Nash, and three U.S. presidents — — not all at the same time, however, nor in the same room.
• • Adolph Zukor's Birthdate • •
• • Mae West worked with everyone from A to Z — — and, at Paramount Pictures, she met the biggest AZ of all.
• • Born in early January as "Adolph Cukor," Adolph Zukor [7 January 1873 — 10 June 1976] was a film mogul and founder of Paramount Pictures.
• • The Hungarian journalist Farkas László writes: Throughout the 1920's Zukor used to receive about 40 letters a day from a Hungarian nation proud of his fame and stature. He never forgot the land of his birth, and was never ashamed to let people know where he was from. He hired many Hungarians to work in his studio.

• • Mae West's former agent Jerry Martin dies • •
• • According to The Hollywood Reporter: Jerry Martin’s clients included actresses Mae West, Ava Gardner, Betty Grable, Alice Faye, Gwen Verdon, and others.
• • When Martin repped Mae West, he was with the William Morris Agency.
• • The Philadelphia native also worked at Henderson Hogan, International Famous Agency and the Fifi Oscard Agency, and before that he headed the tour guide staff at NBC in New York. Jerry Martin, a former agent at WMA, died 16 December 2010 in his sleep at his home in Santa Monica. He was 80. [This death notice was printed on 6 January 2011.]
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