Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mae West: Valleys of Silicone

Since interviewers do not dare ask Raquel Welch about those valleys of silicone and alley-oops worth of surgical enhancements, they often fill those soft spots with questions about her bra size, her relationships with other celebrities, and her scenes with MAE WEST in "Myra Breckinridge."
• • Scottish columnist Jane Wollman Rusoff writes: Not that Raquel Welch denies she can be difficult. Since the beginning, when she left her husband and high-school sweetheart James Welch to break into the movies, with two toddlers and with only $200 in her pocket, she has been determined to get what she wanted. "With the force of will that you need to do what I did, you're going to be quite a handful," she says.
• • Jane Wollman Rusoff, quoting the actress, adds: "I needed to be a little tough to break through. But at one point I found myself being just a little too much. I told a few people off, and that wasn't at all what I should have done. Eventually I realised that I had to be quiet."
• • Jane Wollman Rusoff notes: Raquel Welch had a famous run-in with Mae West when the then-elderly film icon kicked up a fuss about a costume the younger actress wanted to wear in the poorly received "Myra Breckinridge" (1970). "At the time," she says, "I just thought, 'Raquel, she's a 77-year-old who never shot a movie in colour before, and now she has to share the screen with you. How would you feel?'" . . .
• • To learn more about what brassiere type Raquel prefers and which films she was fired from, cruise through the rest of this interview (see link below).
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• • Article: "Interview: Raquel Welch, actress"
• • Published in: Scotland on Sunday
• • Published on: 20 April 2010

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