Friday, April 23, 2010

Mae West: Sweet and Vicious

"So sweet and so vicious," is how MAE WEST described her former flame Owney Madden, who bankrolled her Broadway plays during the 1920s, attended her seances, and escorted the grieving actress to her mother's funeral.
• • Owney "The Killer" Madden [18 December 1891 — 24 April 1965] was a leading underworld figure in Manhattan, most notable for his involvement in organized crime during Prohibition with bootlegger Larry Fay. He also ran Harlem's famous Cotton Club and was a leading boxing promoter during the 1930s.
• • An intriguing article — — "The New York gangsterfrom Leeds" — — supplies some information of interest. British writer Paul Robinson fails to paint a vivid portrait of an adolescent Owney being raised in the westside slums by his single mother and his aunt in an impoverished household teaming with boisterous brothers and male cousins [amid a host of thuggish neighbors hanging out on the fire escapes]. But you will learn a few fascinating nuggets.
• • See "The New York gangsterfrom Leeds" — — in the Yorkshire Evening Post [printed 21 April 2010].

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