Saturday, April 17, 2010

Mae West: MOMA in May

The Museum of Modern Art will screen a cinema classic by MAE WEST next month — — and they recently recalled the turmoil Mae's motion picture caused in 1933.
• • According to MOMA: The establishment of The Museum of Modern Art's Department of Film, founded as the Film Library, began in 1933, when Iris Barry, the Museum's first film curator, was challenged to organize a series of film programs to "test the waters" of public consumption. From May 10 through 24, 2010, MoMA honors Barry with "Iris Barry: Re-View," an exhibition comprising films that Barry selected for a historic series of screenings at The Wadsworth Atheneum (Hartford, Connecticut) from October 28 through December 30, 1934, many of which were later shown at MoMA. The exhibition, which also marks the 75th anniversary of the June 1935 founding of the Film Library, is organized by Anne Morra, Associate Curator, Department of Film, The Museum of Modern Art.
• • "Iris Barry: Re-View" opens with the Best Picture Academy Award nominee "She Done Him Wrong" (1933), directed by Lowell Sherman and starring Mae West, which was a controversial acquisition to MoMA's collection, and almost single-handedly undid the establishment of the MoMA Film Library, but was later hailed as a cinema classic. ...
• • At the time of MoMA's founding in 1929, there were no dedicated film programs in U.S. cultural institutions. Film festivals, repertory movie houses, and academic degree programs in cinema studies had not yet been developed. ...
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• • "She Done Him Wrong" 1933. USA. Directed by Lowell Sherman. Screenplay by Harvey Thew, John Bright, based on the play Diamond Lil by Mae West. Mae West plays a sassy, suggestive saloon owner, in a role that had a clear influence on Dalí. His painting Mae West's Face Which May Be Used as a Surrealist Apartment (1934–35), which conflates celebrity worship, erotic fetishism, and the technical properties of the cinema, deconstructs West's face. Print courtesy Universal Pictures. 66 min.
• • WHEN: Monday, May 10, 2010, 8:00 p.m. , Theater 1, T1; and Thursday, May 20, 2010, 6:00 p.m. , Theater 1, T1.
• • WHERE: MOMA, 11 West 53rd Street, New York, NY.

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  1. Mark Desjardins1:05 PM

    Mae West has inspired countless artists over the decades to pay tribute to her image. Whether it's Warhol's homage to her in the form of a shoe, or more recent abstract portraits by up and coming artists, Mae West, the undisputed Queen of the Cougars continues to fascinate. Young audiences need to be reminded that Madonna is NOT the only powerful woman to ever walk on earth!