Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Mae West: 7 April 1935

In 1935, scores of young females were trying to achieve the MAE WEST look.
• • According to The Log Cabin Democrat, this intriguing news item was published 75 years ago on April 7th: How much should Miss 1935 weigh? Considerable controversy had been aroused over an edict of the American Society of Beauticians that said the ideal American girl of 1935 should weigh 100 pounds. That ran counter to recent mode established by Mae West with her gay ninety revival. Marion Quigley, weighing 100 pounds, was selected by beauty experts who met in New York, as the ideal girl. After many American girls had added pounds where they counted most to achieve the Mae West look, they were faced with the possibility of having to take the pounds off.

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Mae West.

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