Sunday, April 25, 2010

Mae West: April News Showers

"Act in haste, repent in leisure" was never a saying of MAE WEST's. But perhaps it crossed her mind during the unrelenting "news showers" raining on her p.r. parade in April of 1935.
• • On 25 April 1935 the motion picture "Goin' to Town" was released starring Mae — — who was, as usual, busy promoting her latest picture. One bit of screen dialogue ran this way:
• • •
Young Fellow: What excuse has a gal like you for runnin' around single?
• • •
Cleo Borden: Mmm, I was born that way.
• • Frank Wallace was runnin' around single, too — — since he had not lived with Mae since shortly after their quickie wedding in April 1911.
• • But he had suddenly decided his 1911 romance ought not to be consigned to the realm of forgetfulness (especially when his former mate had become famous and a millionaire).
• • Words, words, words. Grinding them together, Frank summoned up the void for any news man who would interview him over a nice hot lunch.
• • On 25 April 1935, the Los Angeles Examiner ran with this exclusive: "Dancer's Story of Marriage Irks Film Star." The script that had gone off course was now front page news. Arrrggh.
How that jerk can irk.
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