Saturday, November 28, 2009

Mae West: Portugal

A benefit in Lagoa last weekend, that raised funds for a local Donkey Sanctuary, staged a splashy tribute to three iconic artists — — MAE WEST, Edith Piaf, and Amy Winehouse — — and we will let The Portugal News tell the tale.
• • According to The Portugal News staff: Last year she swore she would never do another, this year she said the same, but thank goodness every year director Jenny Grainer changes her mind and puts together one of the region’s most fabulous nights of top acts for what has become the Annual Grand Variety Show — — all in the name of charity.
• • This year the Grand Variety Show — — held on Sunday night in Lagoa’s auditorium and hailed by a full house as the best to date — — raised a fantastic total of €3,572.55, made solely from ticket and raffle sales.
• • Of that amount, €730, raised from the raffle ticket sales alone, will be donated to the Donkey Sanctuary animal refuge, the rest benefiting Lagoa’s Santa Casa da Misericórdia.
• • Thirteen different acts took to the stage for Sunday evening’s show, none of whom had rehearsed together before and yet on the night came together beautifully. Never before had so many fantastic (and voluntary) performers shared a stage.
• • Following an introduction to the benefitting charities by Jenny Grainer, and a word from the evening’s ever-amusing host Ian Carfrae, the show kicked off with ‘Tributes to Iconic Artists.’
• • Tributes to Iconic Artists: 3 Divas of the Decade • •
• • Brilliant impersonations of Mae West (Lara Costa), Amy Winehouse (Carrie-Marie Bratley), and an eerily flawless Edith Piaf (Gloria Costa) followed the Stars Dance School’s toe-tapping tribute to the legendary Michael Jackson. Back-stage sources exclusively told The Portugal News that while notorious Amy did enjoy a glass of wine or two, Mae West and Edith Piaf were tea-total when they took to the stage and oddly none of them made diva-like demands — — except Mae West, whose requests were actually quite basic — — salt and vinegar crisps and a bottle of cold water.
• • The three ‘Divas of the Decade’ shared a dressing room and between them managed to put the world to rights as well as putting on one of the best performances of their careers. ...
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• • Article: It was all all right on the night
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• • Published on: 28 November 2009

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