Saturday, November 07, 2009

Mae West: Celluloid Martini

When it comes to a spirited exchange, MAE WEST was quick with a flick.
• • But never more than a minor league social drinker, Mae is minimally quoted when it comes to mixology.
• • However, a meditation on the venerable martini brought the Brooklyn bombshell to the lips of one Canadian columnist. Mesmerized by the martini references in motion pictures, Michael D. Reid writes: The word itself snaps with sophistication, yet has comic potential, as evidenced in a line introduced in the breezy 1937 Mae West comedy "Every Day's a Holiday": "You should get out of those clothes — — and into a dry martini." ...
• • Cineastes will enjoy Michael D. Reid's pleasing pour of nostalgia in "Martinis in the Movies: Film fest fundraiser plays to the importance of the cocktail in Hollywood" [Source: Times Colonist (Vancouver) — —; BY: Michael D. Reid, Times Colonist Staff; published on 6 November 2009].
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