Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Mae West: Virgin Valley

If you didn't catch MAE WEST and W.C. Fields last week in the desert, there will be a repeat of this treat in Mesquite this coming weekend. Sultry Lori Fjeld was buoyant in her boa as the blonde bombshell; W. C. Fields, in a dapper hat, came to life via comedian Ed MacKenzie.
• • Reviewing the lively old-fashioned extravaganza that showcased local talent, Mesquite Goes Hollywood, David Bly of the Desert Valley Times was impressed.
• • David Bly wrote: Mae West was there, vamping it to the hilt. Groucho Marx wisecracked his way across the stage. Even W. C. Fields and Clint Eastwood showed up. But the real stars were the home-grown ones who performed in Mesquite Goes Hollywood, the Virgin Valley Theatre Group’s production which opened Friday night at the Mesquite Community Theatre. Directed by Larry LeMieux, the show featured music and dances from a wide variety of movies, from Disney to Titanic, from classical to country. Although much of the accompaniment was recorded, this wasn’t karaoke night — — these performers were talented and prepared.
• • Based on an interview with Larry LeMieux, now Mesquite's airport manager but formerly an Arthur Murray dance instructor, David Bly added: LeMieux admitted to some opening night jitters, but the show flowed, aided by Mae West (Lori Fjeld), Groucho (Stu Duerson) and W. C. Fields (Ed MacKenzie) whose chatter and hijinks smoothed the transitions from one number to another. ...
• • Mesquite Goes Hollywood will return this coming weekend, with evening performances and a Saturday matinee on November 13th-14th.
• • For details on this show and the nice people at Mesquite Community Theatre, contact the Greater Mesquite Arts Foundation on Yucca Street in Mesquite, Nevada at 702-346-1232. If you go, ask Mae West about her virgin valley and see what reaction you get.

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