Monday, November 02, 2009

Mae West: John Indrisano

MAE WEST gave her 32-year-old lover a bit part in "Every Day's a Holiday" [1937].
• • Born to a poor family and bred in a tough section of East Boston, John Indrisano was determined to make money and make something of himself one day. During a career that lasted from 1924 — 1934, he boxed as an amateur and then turned pro.
• • His birthdate was 1 November 1905.
• • In his superb All Movie Guide, Hal Erickson gives us a quick snapshot: A former boxer, John Indrisano entered films via the sponsorship of several Hollywood sports fans — — notably Mae West — — who cast Indrisano in a small role in Every Day's a Holiday (1937). Sometimes typecast as a pugilist, Indrisano was more often seen as a trainer or referee. Non-boxing fans can spot him in such "civilian" roles as the chauffeur in Murder My Sweet (1944), one of his many film noir appearances. He also served as a technical advisor for the prizefight scenes in such films as The Kid From Brooklyn (1946), The Set Up (1949), and Carmen Jones (1954). John Indrisano was 62 years old when he hung himself in his San Fernando Valley home [on 9 July 1968].

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