Sunday, July 26, 2009

Mae West: Quality

Stars inside their Hollywood homes — — Architectural Digest just revisited the topic and featured MAE WEST at home again.
• • Ten celebrities had been photographed inside their residence. When the movie queen was spotlighted in this publication, here's the text they ran:
• • “There’s always been just one way — — what’s right for me,” said the indomitable Mae West. Like many performers, West was a mixture of show-off and recluse, a personality at once calculatingly public and insistently private. These two facets of the actress’s nature were reflected in her home and the life she led there — — not in any balanced way but, like nesting boxes, one hidden within the other. Outside was the Mae West persona, sex-obsessed, and self-loving, for which she found a domestic equivalent in the apartment she moved into in 1932, when she first arrived in Los Angeles, and where, in what may well be a record for residential longevity in Hollywood, she remained for the next 48 years.
• • Located on the sixth floor of the Ravenswood, an Art Déco building on Rossmore Avenue whose other tenants included Ava Gardner, Hedda Hopper, and Judy Garland, West’s apartment was modest in size. It had just two bedrooms, a tiny kitchen, and common rooms that were by no means grand, but the decoration aspired to grandeur, and beyond. “Quality, quality — — that’s all I heard [from my mother],” Mae West told Life Magazine in 1969. “Everything has proportion, nothing is jarring. Everything is symphony.” Fearful of the damaging effects of sunlight and fresh air on her beauty, she kept the blinds permanently drawn and the air conditioning perpetually humming. (April 1994)
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• • Column: "Stars in Residence: Hollywood Homes"
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• • Published in: July 2009 [originally printed in their April 1994 issue]
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