Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Mae West: Cottonwood

Back in the Verde Valley, they fondly remember MAE WEST.
• • A Cottonwood, Arizona oldtimer told the local newspaper about the day the notorious Broadway blonde tootled into town by train. He said: "'I remember ole Mae, staying right here at the Cottonwood Hotel. I was just a youngster. It was sometime back in the twenties — — maybe 1927. She was up behind 'ur alley, between those two buildings," he emphasized by pointing in the direction of a neighborhood saloon the locals sneaked into during the Prohibition Era in North Central Arizona. "She rubbed her hands through some ole whiskey barrels behind the old Requenda bar. I think she was doin' some entertainin' there too, besides the Rialto Theater. She was with some good ole boys. They were in the back poker room of the bar for hours." Sounds like Diamond Lil, all right.
• • The native film-buffs also claim that Mae West returned to Cottonwood; the actress stopped by en route to Hollywood, they insist, traveling west after leaving New York City in June 1932.
• • The Mae West Room at the Cottonwood Hotel • •
• • The Cottonwood Hotel's Studio Suite #4 is also known as the Mae West Room. According to their publicity material, "With the original clawfoot tub, it might have once held some good ole bathtub gin! Movie posters and Mae West posters and pictures are hanging on the walls in this cute little studio suite with kitchenette. This suite also flaunts a mirror on the ceiling over the bed, with sheers draped around. Now that is a touch of classic Mae West decor!"
• • Prominently displayed in the Mae West Suite is a colorful poster from "Every Day's a Holiday" [released 18 December 1937].
• • Located not far from Sedona, the Cottonwood Hotel was built in 1922; the address is 930 N. Main Street, Cottonwood, Arizona 86326.

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