Thursday, July 30, 2009

Mae West: Apes & Grapes

When food writers attempt to use a MAE WEST reference, they can easily grate on one's nerves.
• • Unafraid of appearing uninformed or ridiculous is Canadian consumer Rita DeMontis, who offered this ham-fisted opening for her July 30th column ["Great Grapes"] in The Sarnia Observer.
• • Rita DeMontis writes: Oh, Beulah — — peel me a grape! This was Mae West's famous other line, from her film "I'm No Angel," when the queen of double entendres managed to elevate a request for her favourite fruit into something akin to soft porn.
• • The legendary sex siren single-handedly made the grape a luscious object of desire.
• • Grapes have always held an air of mystique . . . .
• • • • Of Apes and Grapes • • • •
• • In our opinion, if you believe grapes have mystique, then you need to get out more often. And if that familiar Mae West quip seems "akin to soft porn," then one hour on the Internet must present a great deal of unspeakable peril to such a timid reader.
• • As many Mae-mavens know, the movie queen's pet monkey Boogie appeared with her in "I'm No Angel." Boogie would not eat grapes unless they were peeled. When the director asked the movie star to ad lib a line
— — to round out a shot with Tira and her maids — — his request prompted Mae West's remark, "Beulah, peel me a grape."
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