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Mae West: Vegas Nitery

When it came to managing the career of MAE WEST, Jim Timony's aspirations were not hard-wired for systematic doubt.  Au contraire.  In September of 1950, when the actress was 57 and Timony was even older, he was energetically forging ahead with plans for "an upcoming Las Vegas nitery to be known as 'Diamond Lil'," reported Variety.  The deal would supply Mae with income for her participation and give her a salary even on days when she was not working there.  Stock options, complimentary gowns, and free living quarters were among the incentives offered.   
• • The contract Timony negotiated pre-dated Mae's new concept for a stage show "Mae West Revue." Ultimately, there was no ground-breaking for the Diamond Lil Casino and Restaurant, as it turned out.
• • George Hoyningen-Huené [4 September 1900 — 12 September 1968] • •
• • Though Karl Struss was the cinematographer who worked on "Belle of the Nineties," the iconic promotional stills of Mae West at ringside were taken by a master portraitist who shot many Hollywood stars and other celebrities: George Hoyningen-Huené.
• • Baron George Hoyningen-Huené, who segued into the darkroom when he met his lover Horst, was born on 4 September 1900 in Russia to a nobleman.
• • Hoyningen-Huené, behind a camera before anything resembling contemporary flash photography was known, achieved wonderful effects in black and white.
• • George Hoyningen-Huené died in Los Angeles on 12 September 1968.  He was  68.
• • On Wednesday, 4 September 1935 in Hollywood • •
• • Joseph Breen wrote to John Hammel on Wednesday, 4 September 1935, complaining (again) about the script for "Klondike Annie" and Mae's dialogue.
• • On Friday, 4 September 1987 in California • •
• • "I'm No Angel" starring Mae West was screened on Friday, 4 September 1987.  This iconic comedy was selected for the series "Paramount Pictures: 75 Years." Mae West's director was Wesley Ruggles.  Audiences enjoyed it at the UC Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive during Labor Day weekend. 
• • In Her Own Words • • 
• • Mae West said: "There was something about a handsome brute crushing other brutes in a ring I couldn't resist."
• • Quote, Unquote • •
• • An article about winning the Oscar mentioned Mae West.
• • Susan King wrote: Some legendary stars who never got a nomination: Mae West, Jean Harlow, Myrna Loy (she received an honorary Oscar), Hedy Lamarr, Kim Novak, Marilyn Monroe ...
• • Source: Article: "Outstanding actresses absent from Oscar's list" written by Susan King for Tribune Newspapers; published on 5 January 2010
By the Numbers • •
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