Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Mae West: Eleventh

One native New Yorker was MAE WEST — — and she would have been horrified by the attack on the Twin Towers on Tuesday, 11 September 2001. 
• • Eleventh Anniversary • •
• • Today is the eleventh anniversary of this day of infamy and New York City is in mourning. Keep us in your prayers.
• • On Monday, 11 September 1933 • •
• • It was on Monday, 11 September 1933 that Mae West wrote an enthusiastic letter of encouragement to certain American theatres to help promote her new star-turn "I'm No Angel."
• • This letter was mailed to the Manager, Affiliated Theatres, Mavins Theatre, Reseve, Louisiana.
• • Wrote Mae: "There never was any kind of dame, anywhere, that worried more about her figure than a showman does about his! I mean the one he reads and either weeps or sings about at the end of the week. . . ."
• • "I'm No Angel" grossed $2.2 million.
• • On Thursday, 11 September 1947 • •
• • Mae West and Jim Timony sailed to England aboard the RMS Queen Mary and arrived at Southampton on Thursday, 11 September 1947.
• • The newspapers noted that Mae had developed a liking for scones and clotted cream, which she enjoyed with her afternoon tea.  The actress told one reporter that British cuisine had made her gain 6 lbs.
• • In Her Own Words • • 
• • Mae West said: "I ain't had time to have a personal life. I see my manager and my brother and my maid and my chauffeur.  The studio calls up early in the mornin' and late at night to see how I'm comin' with my story.  I'm like a machine." 
• • Mae West said:  "Well, they were wonderful there, in London . . . England. But the men were a little reserved . . . and I'm not."
• • Quote, Unquote • •
• • An article in The Guardian recalled a sighting of Mae West.
• • The Guardian's London correspondent wrote: All too briefly yesterday the grey gloom of Euston station was lifted by the presence of a radiant personage with strikingly blonde hair and a dazzling smile. Miss Mae West was on her way to Manchester for the opening to-morrow of her play "Diamond Lil." A quarter of an hour before her train was due to leave, Miss West swayed, the tophatted station-master at her side, along the platform to her compartment. Her arrival was the signal for crowds to desert the train and clamour for autographs. It seemed that the actress must have signed almost a hundred small photographs displaying to advantage her well-known features before she took a rest.
• • Then, in the voice Hollywood has made famous, she invited her audience to "Come around and see me in Manchester."  ...
• • Source: Review: "Miss West Comes Up" written by The Guardian's London correspondent; published on Monday, 20 October 1947
By the Numbers • •
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