Saturday, September 29, 2012

Mae West: Vancouver Raffle

Glamorous Gams contestant Kristy Weaver will appear as MAE WEST on Saturday, 29 September 2012.
• • When she's not lending a hand to a fundraiser for The Children's Center, blonde and beautiful Kristy Weaver works for a bank in Vancouver, Washington.  Many raffle prizes are being offered in support of this worthy cause. Even if you do not attend Saturday evening's event at the Hilton Vancouver in Washington, you could still win in the drawing.  You are asked to donate $25 per ticket and write "Mae West Raffle" in the "purpose" field.
• • The Children’s Center serves the mental health needs of children and families of Clark County, Washington and the "Mae West Raffle" will provide needed funding. 
• • Nils T. Granlund [29 September 1890 — 21 April 1957] • •
• • Born in Sweden on Monday, 29 September 1890 but raised in the USA, Nils T. Granlund was a Broadway show producer, radio industry pioneer, and also a publicist for Marcus Loew who formed Loews Theatres and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM). So well known that he went by his initials N.T.G., this powerhouse was Mae West's publicist and he also attended her wedding when she married Guido Deiro.
• • On 21 April 1957, the world received the sad news that Nils T. Granlund had died in a taxi accident in Las Vegas.
• • On Tuesday, 29 September 1914 • •
• • The newspaper the Philadelphia North American reviewed the more prominent variety artists who were performing onstage in the City of Brotherly Love on Tuesday, 29 September 1914. The arts critic thought well of Mae, who was then calling herself "The Original Brinkley Girl." When he referred to her stage act, he called her a "nut comedienne."
• • On Friday, 29 September 1933 • •
• • It was on Friday, 29 September 1933 that Mae West signed the Release Dialogue Script form for her very successful motion picture project "I'm No Angel" for Paramount Pictures. Mae West was paid for the film's treatment, story, and screenplay.
• • Julien's Auctions sold this autographed Release to a fan for $128.00.
• • On Tuesday, 29 September 1936 • •
• • "Go West Young Man" starring Mae West (as the man-eating movie marquee marvel Mavis Arden) was released in the USA on 18 November 1936.
• • The production began in early August at General Service Studios and was all wrapped up on Tuesday, 29 September 1936.
• • On Wednesday, 29 September 1971 • •
• • On Wednesday, 29 September 1971 Mae West wrote a letter to comedian Groucho Marx.  Mae wrote (in part), "I've always been crazy about your crazy comedy. I remember how I howled watching your rushes in the projection room at Paramount, when I was there too, waiting to watch my own. ... I have to tell you you're the greatest of all the funny men ... whenever you're in L.A. come up and see me."
• • Price realized by Christie's auction was $2,530.
• • In Her Own Words • •
• • Mae West said: "It was not that I was jaded. It was only that I had no answers to serious things."
• • Quote, Unquote • •
• • An article about Faye Dunaway mentioned Mae West.
• • According to The Advocate, Variety reported that Faye Dunaway will play Mae West in the upcoming film "The Calling." Although West is considered an icon of outspoken sexual expression, her own sexuality remains a subject of conjecture (sic) — — in recent interviews, Mae West's "Myra Breckinridge" costar Raquel Welch maintains her conviction that West was really a man. ...
• • Source: Article: "Faye Dunaway to portray Mae West" written by staff for The Advocate; published on Saturday, 29 September 2001
By the Numbers • •
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