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Mae West: Jackson as Juarez

MAE WEST starred in "Diamond Lil" with a cast hired for the West Coast.  Handsome Jackson Halliday was seen as Juarez, the shady character who is luring local girls into prostitution and using the secret tunnel under Gus Jordan's saloon for this criminal enterprise.
• • Jackson Halliday [1902 — 6 September 1966] • •
• • Charles Jackson Halliday, born in New York City in 1902, set his sights on the stage.  The 27-year-old must have acquired enough experience by the autumn of 1929 to be selected by Mae West for the role of Juarez when she brought "Diamond Lil" to California for a production at the Curran Theatre in San Francisco and the Biltmore Theatre in Los Angeles. 
• • Sexy Jack La Rue had originated the role of the libidinous Latino on Broadway.  Several of the NYC principals did travel West with Mae, for example, Raffaela Ottiano (whose character Rita was renamed Christinia), Chuck Connors, II (Lefty Eddie), Herbert Duffy (convict Chick Clark), and J. Merrill Holmes (saloon owner Gus Jordan).
• • After playing the scandalous seducer opposite sultry Diamond Lil, good-looking Jackson Halliday was cast in six Broadway shows between April 1931 and December 1937, including the romantic comedy "Child of Manhattan" by Preston Sturges.  Unfortunately, the Broadway box office took a hit during the Depression and it seems that productions Halliday was hired for did not endure on The Great White Way.  Shortening his name to Jack Halliday, he tried his hand in Hollywood and was seen in eight motion pictures.  He also guest-starred on TV eight times until 1964. 
• • Jackson Halliday died in Los Angeles on 6 September 1966.  He was 63.
• • Irving Bacon [6 September 1893 — 5 February 1965] • •
• • Born on 6 September 1893 in St. Joseph, Missouri, Irving Bacon launched his cinema career in 1913 at the Keystone Studios, where his craggy features and athletic ability was most suitable for broad slapstick.
• • Numerous casting directors hired Bacon to portray a flustered foreman, bartender, soda jerk, mailman, clerk, chauffeur, handyman, cabbie, etc. — — especially if the role called for amusing frustration or pop-eyed perplexity. During the 1930s — 1940s Irving Bacon found his calling as Mr. Crumb, the postman whose bundle of mail is pre-destined to collide with late-for-work Dagwood Bumstead in the "Blondie" series.
• • In "Every Day's a Holiday" (1937), the seasoned six-footer was seen as a quartet member.
• • TV situation comedies also made use of the versatile character actor.
• • Irving Bacon died in Hollywood, California on 5 February 1965.
• • On Sunday, 6 September 1914 in the San Antonio Light • •
• • Mae West was so often at odds with the publisher of Variety that his reviews provided a steady downbeat of discouragement. Nevertheless, Mae had her fans. A reviewer from the San Antonio Light wrote this paragraph for the paper's weekend edition dated for 6 September 1914:
• • Mae, chic, dainty, a Parisienne from the heels of her tiny slippers to the crown of her golden head, has truly as she claims "a style all her own."  Fresh from the hands of Parisian modistes, merry Mae sings her songs and delivers her impromptu dialogue with a pleasing individuality that marks her for an even higher place in the professional field than she occupies now.
• • On Sunday, 6 September 1942 • •
• • A photo of Mae West, costumed as Diamond Lil, appeared in the American Weekly supplement of the Los Angeles Examiner (on page 7) on Sunday, 6 September 1942.
• • In Her Own Words • • 
• • Mae West said: "Jazz suited me.  I liked the beat and the emotions."
• • Quote, Unquote • •
• • An article about a new TV show mentioned Mae West.
• • TV Guide wrote: Mae West, now 66, will soon star in a five-a-week, late night, quarter hour show locally, and then has plans for a film series, "Klondike Lou"  . ...
• • Source: Article: "Upcoming News Briefs" written by staff for TV Guide; published on  Saturday, 13 September 1958
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• • Mae West • "Diamond Lil" actor, 1929
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