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Mae West: James Eagles

MAE WEST starred in "She Done Him Wrong" [1933] and James Eagles had a small role as Pete.
• • James Eagles [10 September 1907 — 15 December 1959] • •
• • Born in Norfolk, Virginia on Tuesday, 10 September 1907, James Crump Eagle entered the screen trade in 1928 when he was 21.  After he had been cast in bit parts in half-a-dozen films, someone added an "s" to his name.  Modest featured roles and mostly minor participation in motion pictures turned out to be his lot.  Those fleeting actions that required a eye-blink of screen time (i.e., the messenger, bus boy, bell hop, radio operator, sailor, soda jerk, and henchman) sum up a career that spanned from 1928 — 1950. His Hollywood resume has 53 films to his credit.
• • James Eagles died in Los Angeles on 15 December 1959.  He was 52.
• • Paul Harvey [10 September 1882 — 5 December 1955] • •
• • A versatile actor, Paul Harvey hailed from Sandwich, Illinois where he was born in the month of September — — on Sunday, 10 September 1882. The dapper six-foot-two leading man enjoyed success on Broadway, creating several memorable roles from 1916 — 1933. When he went out to Hollywood, he was cast in nearly 180 motion pictures. Fans will remember him as Donovan in "Goin' to Town" [1935], starring Mae West.
• • Paul Harvey died in Los Angeles due to a coronary thrombosis on 5 December 1955. He was 73.
• • On Saturday, 10 September 1921 • •
• • "The Mimic World," a musical revue Mae West performed in, opened on 17 August 1921 at the Century Promenade Roof on Central Park West at West 62nd Street.  Originally designed as a rehearsal space, this outdoor auditorium could seat 500.
• • "The Mimic World" closed on Saturday night, 10 September 1921.
• • In 1930, the building was razed to make way for the Century Apartments.
• • One of the musicians behind "The Mimic World" was Owen Murphy [2 September 1893 — 3 April 1965].  A composer, writer, and lyricist, Owen Murphy was born in September in Mt. Clemens, Michigan.  During her Hollywood years, Mae would visit Mt. Clemens for the healing mineral springs.
• • On Wednesday, 10 September 1980 • •
• • It was on Wednesday, September 10th that the news media reported that a stroke had caused Mae West to suffer a speech impairment. At the time, she and Paul Novak were registered in Good Samaritan Hospital under the press-dodging names of Gloria and Paul Drake.  The Los Angeles sunshine invaded their private room, flooding the floor with fractured light.
• • In Her Own Words • • 
• • Mae West said: "I did things a year ago that I wouldn't do at all now."
• • Quote, Unquote • •
• • An article in Film Daily mentioned Mae West.
• • Film Daily wrote: Hollywood — Mae West announced last week that she would move her permanent residence from New York to California. She and her father, Dr. Jack West, are looking over San Fernando Valley for a ranch.  . . .
• • Source: Article: "Mae West Seeks Ranch'' written by the West Coast Bureau of The Film Daily, Hollywood, for Film Daily; published in 1933   
By the Numbers • •
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