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Mae West: First Kiss

MAE WEST was romanced onscreen by a number of handsome fellows.  And though a peck on the hand may be quite continental, which actor gave Mae a kiss that would be monumental?
• • Singapore-based readers of The Straits Times saw this titillating tidbit on Sunday, 26 September 1937.
• • Mae West's First Kiss • •
• • Hollywood — For the first time in any of her films, Mae West has agreed to kiss a man.
• • The lucky man is Charles Winninger, who is playing the part of a social reformer in the film she is now making, "Every Day's a Holiday."
• • Said Mae in announcing the big decision: "I figured I owed just one kiss to reformers as a class. So Charlie gets it.  He's old enough not to take it too seriously."
• • Mae West is 45 and Charles Winninger is 53.
• • Source: News Item:  The Straits Times (page 15) on Sunday, 26 September 1937.
 • • Set in New York City during the 1890s, the motion picture "Every Day's a Holiday" starred Mae West and featured Edmund Lowe, Charles Butterworth, Charles Winninger, Lloyd Nolan, Walter Catlett, Chester Conklin, and Louis Armstrong.
• • Richard DuBois [4 March 1933 — 26 September 2007] • •
• • Born in the Bronx on 4 March 1933, gorgeous Richard DuBois caught the eye of Mae West in 1954. The 6-foot-one stunner — — who had just won his "Mr. America" title — — was hired to be the lead bodybuilder for "The Mae West Revue."
• • Off the set, 21-year-old Dick DuBois and the 61-year-old Brooklyn bombshell enjoyed a steamy relationship. (When DuBois left the show, Mickey "Mr. Universe" Hargitay took his place as the lead gladiator.)
• • Though DuBois was in a few films, he eventually abandoned his show business pursuits to become an evangelist, his wife said. He spent the last 19 years preaching as pastor of Gospel Lighthouse in West Los Angeles.
• • The striking native New Yorker Richard DuBois died in a Santa Monica hospital in the month of September — — on Wednesday, 26 September 2007 — — at Saint John's Health Center, his wife Marcy said. He was 74 years old.
• • On Saturday, 26 September 1931 in Billboard • •
• • About "The Constant Sinner," Jack Mehler wrote that "it has the makings of a good money show, both for Miss West and the Shuberts who are reported in on it." Mehler's entire review was published in Billboard's issue dated for Saturday, 26 September 1931.
• • On Tuesday, 26 September 1939 • •
• • On Tuesday, 26 September 1939 Joe Breen had outlined plenty of no-nos in his written comments for Maurice Pivar, an executive at Universal, letting him know what the censors objected to in "My Little Chickadee."  For instance, a "revealing white lawn blouse" worn by Mae West's character, Joe Breen warned, must not expose too much cleavage, tsk-tsk.
• • In Her Own Words • •
• • Mae West said: "Gold goes up and down. So does everything else. But there'll always be dames wanting diamonds and guys to buy them."
• • Mae West said: "Look, I haven't got a bookkeeper's mind. I can't remember what I paid for those things five or six years ago."
• • Quote, Unquote • •
• • An article on football mentioned Mae West.
• • The Times-Union wrote: Who in Fairfield Stadium that long-ago October afternoon could have imagined the social, economic, cultural and, yea, spiritual, force that the SEC would become?  Remember, this was a town whose next big deal was Mae West Week. ...
• • Source: Article: "SEC football success punted Mae West Week festivities 09/27/98" written by staff for The Times-Union; published on Sunday, 27 September 1998
By the Numbers • •
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