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Mae West: A Spaghetti West

Did MAE WEST name the character "Slick Wiley" (and was she thinking about another shifty so-so she had dated) when she worked on the script for "I'm No Angel" [Paramount Pictures, 1933]?
• • Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in the month of May — — on 17 May 1899 — — Ralf H. Wigger wiggled his surname to Ralf Harolde and headed for the Hollywood Hills. Often cast in bit parts, Ralf Harolde racked up nearly 100 motion picture credits between 1920 — 1963.
• • In "I'm No Angel," the slinky five-foot-eleven Easterner played Tira's jealous boyfriend, Slick, who tails her to the hotel where she is romancing a big spender from Dallas. When Slick knocks the Texan unconscious and robs him, he puts Tira in a compromising position.
• • In his comprehensive reference work All Movie Guide, Hal Erickson explains how the actor's forward momentum got side-swiped in Tinseltown. Erickson writes: Ralf Harolde's film career came to a screeching halt when, in 1937, he was involved in a traffic accident that resulted in the death of fellow actor Monroe Owsley. When Ralf re-emerged on screen in 1941, it was clear that the tragedy had taken its toll: Harolde's facial features had taken on a gaunt, haunted look, and his hair had turned completely white. Remaining active until the mid-1950s, Ralf Harolde still had a few good screen characterizations left in him — — most notably the sleazy sanitarium doctor in "Murder My Sweet" (1944).
• • On 1 November 1974, Ralf Harolde died of pneumonia in Santa Monica, California at age 75.
• • Where They Lived — — Two Drama Critics • •
• • During the 1930s, when they were criticizing the performances of Mae West, George Jean Nathan [1882 — 1958] and Robert Benchley [1889 — 1945] were in residence at The Royalton, located on West 44th Street near The Algonquin, where Dorothy Parker and the "vicious circle" enjoyed long luncheons.
• • Quote, Unquote • •
• • You've heard of a "spaghetti Western" but Syracuse brought a "spaghetti WEST" to its New York State audience on 16 May 2011. Spaghetti Warehouse is located at 689 N. Clinton St. (near Syracuse's Inner Harbor) in upstate New York.
• • Russ Tarby writes: "Belle of the Nineties," a film set in 1890s New Orleans, will be screened by the Syracuse Cinephile Society at 7:30 p.m. Monday, May 16th, at the Spaghetti Warehouse. Starring Mae West, the 1934 flick features Duke Ellington and his Orchestra accompanying Mae on "St. Louis Woman" and "Memphis Blues." ...
• • Source: News item: "Duke Meets Mae" written by Russ Tarby for Eagle News; posted on 15 May 2011
• • By the Numbers • •
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