Friday, May 27, 2011

Mae West: Ellinor Vanderveer

MAE WEST worked with a large cast in "Belle of the Nineties" [1934] and one hometown gal was Ellinor Vanderveer, seen briefly as the New Orleans Dowager.
• • Supposedly, in Hollywood, Ellinor Vanderveer [5 August 1887 — 27 May 1976] became known as "the queen of the dress extras." Launching a career in the cinema when she was a mature woman of 38 years old in 1925, the plucky native New Yorker was promptly featured as the Czarina, wife of Czar Nicholas, in 1926. More typically though, casting directors laced her into a tight background where she became one more faceless wedding guest, a banquet table fork holder, a theatre attendee, a slave girl, a committee women, a ballroom extra, a socialite, and oftentimes a dowager. With 146 bit part credits behind her, Ellinor Vanderveer retired her resume after portraying a Committee Woman in "The Eddie Cantor Story" [1953]. She died at age 88 in Loma Linda, California in the month of May — — on 27 May 1976.
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• • Allen Gutterman, is the vice president of marketing at Santa Anita Park, where Mae West was photographed enjoying the races. Jay Hovdey writes: “There’s only so much left to invent, so it becomes how you reinvent,” he went on. “Like Lady Gaga is Madonna is Cher is Mae West — — there’s always been some outrageous woman performer who played up sex as much as they could. Someone in every generation seems to figure that out. “One of the tenets of marketing is that any time you take something out of its natural habitat and put it somewhere else, it creates a stir,” Allen Gutterman said. ...
• • Source: Article: "Thinking outside the oval to draw new crowds" written by Jay Hovdey for The Daily Racing Form; posted on 26 May 2011
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