Thursday, May 05, 2011

Mae West: Eddie Dunn

MAE WEST starred in "Go West, Young Man" (1936) with a large cast that included Eddie Dunn, who took the role of the security guard at the theatre.
• • Born on 31 March 1896 in Mae's hometown, Brooklyn, NY, Edward Frank Dunn launched his celluloid career at age 19 when he was featured in a short titled "The Vanishing Vault" [1915]. Working as a gagman and an occasional director at Hal Roach studios, Dunn occasionally found his way into a Laurel and Hardy vehicle filmed there or honed his craft in a Mac Sennett comedy alongside W.C. Fields or cast with Charlie Chaplin. As he became less of a featured player and more of a bit parts fella, Dunn's agents steered him to smaller roles. He kept busy playing policemen, bartenders, waiters, mugs, stagehands, janitors, guards, or detectives. Movie buffs have seen Eddie Dunn in 371 films. For his last role, Eddie Dunn played a stage driver in "Buckaroo Sheriff of Texas" [1951], made the same year he died.
• • During the month of May — — on 5 May 1951 — — he died in Hollywood, California at age 55 and was buried in Hollywood Forever Cemetery.
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• • Mae West turned down the role of Norma Desmond in "Sunset Boulevard," and Gloria Swanson took the leading role. Halfway down the review of "Nunset Boulevard," drama critic Paul W. Thompson enthusiastically writes: In the midst of this, they hold audience-participation sequences (quizzes, frozen turkey bowling and the like), impersonate film actresses like Mae West, Jean Harlow, and Ginger Rogers, and even perform a tribute to the camp classic "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane," with one of them as Bette Davis and the other four (in wheelchairs) as Joan Crawford. There are 21 songs. ...
• • Source: Article: "It'll Charm You If You Want It To: Nunset Boulevard Opens in Munster" written by Paul W. Thompson for Broadway World (Chicago); posted on 4 May 2011
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