Monday, May 02, 2011

Mae West: James Crabe

MAE WEST starred in "Sextette" [1978], and the cinematography was done by James Crabe.
• • Born in Los Angeles, California on 19 August 1931, James Aubrey Crabe was the cinematographer for 56 projects beginning with "The Proper Time" [1960] and ending with a TV movie called "Baby M" [1988]. Crabe died at age 57 in Sherman Oaks, California in early May — — on 2 May 1989.
• • In 1994, Christie's auctioned off a most intriguing bit of memorabilia: a bound copy of the stage play "Sextette" [1927] by the actress and dramatist Charlotte Francis.
• • On 2 May 1982 • •
• • The bio-pic "Mae West" was shown on TV. Actress Ann Jillian was cast in the title role.
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• • Three-time Emmy nominee and 1989 Golden Globe-winning actress Ann Jillian [born in 1950] will be the keynote speaker at the seventh annual National Cancer Survivors Day festivities to be held 12 June 2011 at Stony Brook University’s Cancer Center. ... One of Jillian's film credits include the biopic "Mae West," for which she garnered an Emmy nomination. Stony Brook University Cancer Center, 3 Edmund D. Pellegrino Road, Stony Brook, New York 11794.
• • Source: Stony Brook University Cancer Center, press release.
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