Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Mae West: Romantic History

MAE WEST has often figured into the creations of the Paris-based jeweler Lorenz Baumer, who has just whipped up a new collection of glittering jaw-droppers for Louis Vuitton. Lorenz Baumer was hand picked to design L’Ame du Voyage (the Soul of the Journey) — — Louis Vuitton’s most ambitious foray into high jewelry since Ali Baba opened the cave. Newspapers have been announcing this and, if you have an extra $500,000 stuck under your garter, maybe you can find a piece that tickles your fancy.
• • Naturally, diamonds and Mae West go together like smoke and fire.
• • Nothing makes a jewel more enticing than a compelling romantic history, observed the Los Angeles-based vintage jewelry dealer Neil Lane, who has spent over two dozen years in the business. “Jewelry is typically given as a token of love,” he told The Robb Report in 2003. “People love jewels with a romantic provenance.”
• • Among his favorite love stories is that of Mae West and her longtime younger lover, Paul Novak. “When Mae West’s lover died, he left a safety deposit box with an extraordinary collection of her jewelry,” says Lane. “The man had very little money, but he never sold her jewels because they meant so much to her.” Lane acquired several pieces from West’s estate, including a circa-1920s, 40-carat diamond bracelet, priced at $150,000, which the actress wore in the play "Diamond Lil."

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