Thursday, December 31, 2009

Mae West: A Midnight Belle

MAE WEST rang in her banner New York year, 1928, with a one-night stand, hosting a nightclub, a la Texas Guinan, at Club Deauville — — then located at Park Avenue and East 59th Street [the night of December 31, 1927 — January 1, 1928].
• • During the Prohibition Era, Mae West had bought a townhouse for herself at 266 West End Avenue shortly before she moved to Hollywood. She lived there with her sister Beverly, whose Russian husband had divorced her over a scandal related to the out-of-town premiere [Bridgeport, Connecticut] of Mae's gay play "The Drag." There was an arrest at the Arcade Hotel and Beverly West along with director Edward Elsner were charged with "disorderly conduct" [i.e., being drunk]. The police action made headlines. Uh-oh!
• • A happier topic would be Mae's old haunts the neighborhood known as the Upper West Side [stretching roughly from West 61st to West 76th Street]. This is the single-most-star-studded area in Manhattan, according to the "Star Sleuth" Larry "Wolfe" Horwitz. Within this neighborhood is an area that Larry Horwitz has labeled a Star Walk: a ten-block strip along Central Park West that contains "the greatest concentration of movie stars and other celebrities anywhere in the world," according to him.
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