Thursday, March 05, 2009

Mae West: York, Nebraska

Vintage MAE WEST posters are on display through mid-March 2009 in Nebraska.
• • Carefully restored and in excellent condition, these 1930s motion picture posters were preserved by Bob Sautter, who started his collection as a college student over 40 years ago.
• • He became known as "the movie poster guy," he told a reporter. "I am probably the only person in York, Nebraska who was in the National Enquirer.”
• • Covering local happenings for the York News-Times, journalist Kate Burke writes that during the 1970s, Bob Sautter and a buddy who owned an old movie theater were puttering around, looking at the antiquated projection equipment stored upstairs, when they opened an old trunk. They pulled out a thick wad of frayed, long-folded papers. Bob opened one up, and his artistic eye was arrested by the deeply saturated colors and dramatic composition of an old movie poster.
• • Kate Burke adds: "Writing a check for $100 on an art student’s budget made a lasting impression on Bob, but he was taken by the posters. He took home 20 of them. The posters were in fragile condition. They had already survived a fire at the theater and still bore traces of soot. They were split along fold creases, torn at corners, and laced with holes from having been tacked up, one atop another, in display frames and windows at movie houses. Many posters, Bob later learned, were exposed to more wear as they traveled with their films from one theater, and one town, to another. . . ."
• • Kate Burke notes: "He also discovered that some posters were glued on top of each other. His Mae West movie poster turned out to be more than 10 posters, all featuring Mae West. A restoration expert was able to retrieve, in relatively good condition, about eight of them. . . ."
• • You can see these posters at the Kilgore Memorial Library during this month
for a few more days only.
• • Contact the Kilgore Memorial Library at (402) 363-2620 — — or visit them: 520 N Nebraska Avenue, York, NE 68467.

• • Come up and see Mae every day online:
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Mae West.

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