Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mae West: Good Lessons

Celebrating "Women's History Month" — — by performing as MAE WEST and others — — usually keeps Dorothy Leeds busy and wearing many hats.
• • The one woman show she does is “Good Lessons from Bad Women” and it is more than one singular sensation since the actress portrays a selection of goodie-goodies and bad girls. Her figures include Mae West along with Eve from the Garden of Eden, Mrs. Machine Gun Kelly, Elizabeth Freeman, pirate Anne Bonney, and Eleanor Roosevelt.
• • “Good Lessons from Bad Women” asks “Was mother really right?” — — while dramatizing some of the ways that a person will value the good and also find the bad irresistible.
• • Dorothy Leeds is an actress and author based in New York. The show was co-written by Daphne Greaves and directed by Eve Collyer. For the past three years, Ms. Leeds has been touring the USA with her virtual entourage of saints and sinners.
• • Another good lesson is that the interest Mae West arouses does not lessen.
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Mae West.

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