Sunday, March 29, 2009

Mae West: Georgia

It was 73 years ago and MAE WEST was going through the gossip grapevine.
• • On 29 March 1936, the Atlanta Journal Magazine printed an article written by Frank Daniel, then 36 years old.
• • "Has Mae West Done Herself Wrong?" was the less-than-original title.
• • William Frank Daniel’s [1900 — 1981] journalism career began in 1925 with the Atlanta Journal where he eventually served as opera, theater, music, and book critic and as an editorial page columnist. [Opera reviewer AND a book critic, too? Amazing.]
• • The news man may have met the Brooklyn bombshell in Georgia three years earlier. During the spring of 1933, Mae West was in court in Atlanta fighting for permission to show her latest film "She Done Him Wrong" at the Paramount.

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