Friday, March 20, 2009

Mae West: Washington, DC

It was March 1921 and MAE WEST was onstage in Washington, DC.
• • The Shubert brothers' latest spectacle was on a tryout tour before looping back to Broadway. The material, patched together quickly but not gracefully, was a bloated bill of over two dozen scenes — — not all of them enjoyable or even worthy of being seen, according to the critics.
• • Jean Schwartz had written the music including, apparently, a shimmy that was scripted for a Mae West number called "The Trial of Shimmy Mae."
• • Though Variety's DC reviewer sniffed at most of the production, his heart was stolen by one performer. He reported: "There was one outstanding feature that caused a riot — — men actually stood up and yelled — — namely, Mae West when she shimmied. Miss West simply shook the house from its seats, as well as shaking herself from her neck to her toes and then back again. [Variety, 11 March 1921] ..."

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Mae West.

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