Friday, October 24, 2008

Mae West: Meet "aniMae"

MAE WEST has been given a licensing make-over. Now the Empress of Sex, who once lived in Greenpoint, has become two 'personas' for a new campaign from Greenlight.
• • California transplant, attorney Roger Richman used to represent the Mae West estate for a number of years — — but Richman did a very poor job of it. Under his quarterbacking, the Mae West brand went north, and stayed frozen and inaccessible for years.
• • Recently, an oddly punctuated press release announced that "Iconic Hollywood actress Mae West is having her brand made over by Greenlight, which represents the estates of personalities such as Albert Einstein and Steve McQueen."
• • The company has spent time creating two personas to build on the star's classic presence, appearance, and sexuality to connect with today's consumers.
• • The result is both an updated contemporary classic Mae West that exudes her timeless appeal, plus a young, 'aniMae' to appeal to today's youth.
• • Greenlight partnered with NYC-based Kick Design to create the classic persona, which involved reviewing photo archives to select the right pictures to work with.
• • Hallmark is already using Mae West's voice and quotes for a musical greeting card line.
• • For 'aniMae,' meanwhile, Greenlight partnered with Jonathan Taub Design and Seattle-based Harry Briggs to create 12 new color caricatures to appeal to a younger demographic.
• • Each character is accompanied by an equally racy West quote. The first deal has been signed with BioWorld Merchandising to launch a line of signature bags and wallets to be sold in boutique shops.
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• • Byline: Samantha Loveday
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• • Published on: 21 October 2008
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Mae West.

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