Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Mae West: Christiana Delker

MAE WEST seemed to have been closer to her paternal relatives [the Irish side] than her maternal kin [the German Alsatian side].
• • For some reason, Mae felt a need to improve upon her family tree. By the time she got to Hollywood, for instance, she was telling visitors she had traced her roots and her family was related to Alfred the Great. She even had a fancy crest drawn up.
• • Insecure about her lack of formal education perhaps, Mae also told people that she had a French tutor when she was young. If the Brooklyn bombshell could indeed speak French, then she learned it at her grandmother's knee — because Christiana [Brimier] Delker had Alsatian French heritage.
• • Christiana was born in Germany in October 1838. When Mae referred to her, she called Mrs. Delker her "rich" grandmother. What does "rich" mean to a little Brooklyn girl? Mae was only eight years old when her grandmother died.
• • Brooklyn transplant Christiana Delker: we pay you tribute today, remembering that you passed from Mae's life on 15 October 1901 when you were 63 years old.
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Mae West.

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