Sunday, June 01, 2008

Mae West: Stripes

A few months ago, a schoolteacher had a "Hello, Dali!" moment when he noticed a MAE WEST influence in a book he was reading to his children.
• • Bill Genereux wrote: Tonight at bedtime, my kids and I read one of their favorite books: A Bad Case of the Stripes. I don’t know how many times their mother or I have read that book to them, but they never seem to tire of it. As I was reading, I noticed something that never occurred to me before. The imagery is remarkably similar to that of Salvador Dali. . . . []
A Bad Case of the Stripes
• • Written and illustrated by David Shannon [Blue Sky Press, 1998], this image from his book A Bad Case of the Stripes certainly seems to have taken its inspiration from Dali's surrealist take on Mae West's face as an apartment room in 1934. Do you agree?
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• • Mae West • •
1934 • •

Mae West.

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