Thursday, June 12, 2008

Mae West: He's Courting Her

When MAE WEST was 83, Jason was a newborn — — and now he is portraying her lover in New York City.
• • Jason Emanuel was born in Johannesburg, South Africa and emigrated to Vancouver, Canada with his family at the age of 13 months. Attracted to the dramatic arts, after high school graduation he began studying at the Gastown Actors' Studio, where he received training from many diverse instructors in many areas of the craft.
• • After some time spent in drama school, Jason began his professional career while continuing to hone his craft. He worked steadily in film and TV, guest-starring in such shows as, 'Mysterious Ways' NBC, 'Breaking News' TNT, 'Stargate SG1' MGM, and 'Masters of Horror' Industry Entertainment. He has also worked in such films as, 'Angels In The Endzone' Disney, 'Like Mike 2' 20th Century Fox, and 'The Visual Bible' where he was cast as the Apostle Simon Peter to Mr. F. Murray Abraham's 30 year older version.
• • His desire to bridge the film world with the theater world launched a project called 'The Actor's Jam' (an evening of one-act plays) for which he served as Co-Artistic Director, Producer, Director, and Actor. Critics were paying attention and soon Jason found himself part of the Savage God Shakespeare company where he acted in such plays as 'Antony and Cleopatra', 'Merchant of Venice', 'Troilus and Cressida', as well as others. In 2006, Jason was nominated for a Jessie Richardson Theater Award (Best of Vancouver Theater), in the category of 'Outstanding Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role', for his portrayal of 'Aaron', lover to 'Tamora, Queen of Goths' and enemy to 'Titus', in Shakespeare's bloodiest play, 'Titus Andronicus'. This then led to a production of 'Shakespeare's R and J' by Joe Calarco, where he was cast as 'Romeo', the doomed star-crossed lover. He played to popular and critical acclaim.
• • Following many successes and laurels in Vancouver, Jason decided he was ready for The Big Apple, where he furthered his studies with Terry Schreiber at T. Schreiber Studios.
• • Cast as the alluring leading man in "Courting Mae West," Jason is extremely excited to be portraying the complex newsman Mario 'Shortie' De Angelis in a rich project with an historical basis.
• Learn more about Jason Emanuel at
• • "COURTING MAE WEST" opens at 6 o'clock on Saturday night July 19, 2008 at the Algonquin Theatre [East 24th Street and Park Avenue South].
• •
"COURTING MAE WEST" — — showtimes
• • July 19th, 2008 — — 6:00 PM
• • July 20th, 2008 — — 2:00 PM matinee
• • July 21st, 2008 — — 6:00 PM
• • July 22nd, 2008 — — 9:00 PM
• • Tickets to "COURTING MAE WEST" are $18 per adult.
• • sells the tickets — —
• • Questions? Phone 212-779-3051.
• • The play is 95 minutes.

• • Get ready to come up and see Mae West, Texas Guinan, and the gang onstage in mid-July 2008.
• • Come up and see Mae every day online:

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• • Mae West • • Jason Emanuel
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Mae West.

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