Friday, March 16, 2007

Mae West: March 16

Mae West's "Pleasure Man" trial began on 16 March 1930.
• • The courtroom proceedings had a certain entertainment value. Cast member Chuck Connors II sang the controversial "She's the Queen of the Beaches" for Judge Amedeo Bertini and the jury. Though somber, bereaved, and wearing mourning for her late mother, Mae West had to stuff a black handkerchief in her mouth to keep from laughing at this performance.
• • Actor Alan Brooks [1888-1936] - - who played the title role in "Pleasure Man"- - swore on the witness stand that he was astonished to discover that his character had died from being castrated. The debonair 42-year-old leading man testified in smart-looking spats and a gorgeous suit.

• • Performer, director, and writer Alan Brooks was born in New York City on 25 January 1888 as Irving Hayward.
• • Alan Brooks made his Broadway debut - - on his 21st birthday - - playing a tutor in the musical "Stubborn Cinderella" (which ran from 25 January 1909 - 10 April 1909).
• • On 1 October 1928, Alan Brooks played the role of Rodney Terrill in Mae West's "Pleasure Man," which was raided during its premiere at the Biltmore Theatre. The play was completely shut down after its second performance.
• • His last Broadway show was "The Metropolitan Players" (December 1932) and, ironically, he played the Counsel's Opinion.
• • At age 48 Alan Brooks died 29 September 1936, Saranac Lake, NY.
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• • Photo: • • Mae West • • Alan Brooks [wearing spats] during the trial • • 1930 • •

Mae West.

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