Monday, March 05, 2007

Mae West: The Hindu

The book reviewer for The Hindu has been busy leafing through past lives.
• • In his column for India's National Newspaper published on Sunday 4 March 2007, V. Gangadhar observed that 2006 was a boom time for biographies in the U.S.A.
• • He writes: "Sex symbol Mae West reigned in Hollywood for less than eight years but there was something weird about her narcissism according to biographer Simon Louvish in Mae West: It Ain't No Sin. After a sensational debut, she ruined her career with endless sex talk on her conquests and female unsatiated sexual needs. All this got boring after sometime, the newly-constituted U.S. Board of Censors began to wield its scissors and West's movie success dimmed. She had to remain content with suggestive one-liners."
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• • Publication Date: 4 March 2007
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Mae West.

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