Monday, September 26, 2011

Mae West: Richard DuBois

Born in the Bronx on 4 March 1933, gorgeous Richard DuBois caught the eye of MAE WEST in 1954. The 6-foot-one stunner — — who had just won his "Mr. America" title — — was hired to be the lead bodybuilder for "The Mae West Revue."
• • Off the set, 21-year-old Dick DuBois and the 61-year-old Brooklyn bombshell enjoyed a steamy relationship. (When DuBois left the show, Mickey "Mr. Universe" Hargitay took his place as the lead gladiator.)
• • Though DuBois was in a few films, he eventually abandoned his show business pursuits to become an evangelist, his wife said. He spent the last 19 years preaching as pastor of Gospel Lighthouse in West Los Angeles.
• • The striking native New Yorker Richard DuBois died in a Santa Monica hospital in the month of September — — on Wednesday, 26 September 2007 — — at Saint John's Health Center, his wife Marcy said. He was 74 years old.
• • In September, we remember George Raft • •
• • Mae West told a reporter that she almost married George Raft [26 September 1895 — 24 November 1980], a native New Yorker and an actor most closely identified with his portrayals of gangsters in crime dramas of the 1930s — 1940s.
• • When the studio was casting Raft's new feature "Night after Night," the role of Maudie Triplett, a former gal pal, was to be offered to a well regarded actress and night club personality: Texas Guinan. Raft suggested Mae West for this minor role, and Mae's three little scenes set the so-so film on fire. "Mae stole everything but the cameras," admitted George Raft.
• • One of his final film appearances was in "Sextette" (1978) with Mae West. He played himself in a brief cameo that went like this:
• • MAE WEST: "Why George Raft, I haven't seen you in 20 years. What have you been doing?"
• • GEORGE RAFT: "Oh, about 20 years!"
• • In Her Own Words • •
• • Mae West said this: "Ten men waiting for me at the door? Send one of them home — — I'm tired."
• • Quote, Unquote • •
• • It seems that Mae West was mentioned in a recent stage review.
• • Aubry D'Arminio writes: Joey Arias, with his Bettie Page haircut, dominatrix straps, and Thierry Mugler gowns, does the singing, which includes selections from Holiday, the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, and a hiccupy version of ''All By Myself'' that's part-Marilyn, part-Liza. (There also some original songs, by composer Alex Gifford.) Mae West, Gloria Swanson, Joan Crawford, Charles Manson, Clark Gable, and Lassie also show up to pay tribute to Arias in an amusing newsreel interlude projected on the stage. ...
• • Source: Stage Review "Arias with a Twist" reviewed by Aubry D'Arminio for Entertainment Weekly; posted on 21| September 2011.
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  1. Greetings, I think this color image of Mae West and R. DuBois is great. Can you help me find/ purchase ( just for personal use) a good color print of it?

  2. • • Yes. This is a fabulous image!
    • • However, there are no items for sale on the Mae West Blog; it is a non-commercial site. Therefore, I can't help you with any purchases.
    • • Check with Getty images or Corbis.

  3. Thanks very much... I know items are not for sale with this wonderful site, but was hoping to know a source for this color picture. It looks you are directing me to Corbis and Getty, which I'll try. Thanks!

  4. I just checked Corbis & Getty (they are merged) and the photo does not turn up. Have you an alternative lead for where you sourced the image? Seperately, have you done a story on Mae West's crest? When & how she acquired the silk one she had in her LA apartment, as well as the one depicted on Getty Images, which was on her mirror? It's a photo from NY Daily News, so I am wondering ( you might know ) if it was her NYC apartment or townhouse?

  5. • • Thank you for your question. I've written nearly 3,500 posts (so far) on Mae West -- this post (featuring Richard DuBois) was written 5 years ago -- and I do not remember each and every photo source, which would number in the thousands by now.
    • • This blog began 12 years ago.
    • • "Mae West Revue" images (1950s) were from numerous sources. But keep checking around and your persistence will pay off. Good luck.

  6. • • Mae West did not start that "family crest" bit until she went West to Hollywood.
    • • No, I have not done a post on it. (There's a handy search box on the blog.)
    • • You can find more information about the "family crest" in Mae West biographies written by Emily Wortis Leider, Jill Watts, Stanley Musgrove & George Eells, etc.