Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Mae West: Goodness

A former lover of Jayne Mansfield was featured in one motion picture with MAE WEST.
• • Born in Brazil, Nelson Sardelli celebrates his birthday in the month of September — — on 20 September 1934. The tall (well, 5' 11"), dark, and handsome son of Italian immigrants, who had settled in South America, has said that his father was a major role model. Sardelli pere worked as a policeman for several years before entering the field of law. This vocational calling of his parent somehow ignited his son's desire to amass an enormous trove of police paraphernalia. Not only does he collect firearms but he also picked up the little known accomplishment of "gun twirling," which he shows off during appearances in Vegas and Atlantic City.
• • From 1982 — 1963, Nelson Sardelli had only has three motion pictures to his credit. He was cast in the role of Mario in "Myra Breckinridge" [released on 24 June 1970]. He claims he prefers performing in night clubs to a live audience.
• • He will be celebrating his 77th birthday today. Felicitations and ciao bello, "Mario."
• • Mae West on the Bookshelf • •
• • "Goodness Had Nothing to Do With It" — — the autobiography of Mae West
• • Mae West offers an account of her astonishing career.
• • In Her Own Words • •
• • Mae West said this: "If you don't think you're wonderful, why should anyone else?"
• • Quote, Unquote • •
• • A fascinating report after seeing Mae West in 1947 at Euston Station in England.
• • The Guardian's London correspondent wrote: All too briefly yesterday the grey gloom of Euston station was lifted by the presence of a radiant personage with strikingly blonde hair and a dazzling smile. Miss Mae West was on her way to Manchester for the opening to-morrow of her play "Diamond Lil." A quarter of an hour before her train was due to leave, Miss West swayed, the tophatted station-master at her side, along the platform to her compartment. Her arrival was the signal for crowds to desert the train and clamour for autographs. It seemed that the actress must have signed almost a hundred small photographs displaying to advantage her well-known features before she took a rest.
• • Then, in the voice Hollywood has made famous, she invited her audience to "Come around and see me in Manchester." The crowd was enchanted and some porters signified their approval of this invitation with loud whistles. Then came a more official whistle. The train started and Miss West, with the 18 men over 6 ft. tall and the 20 girls appearing with her, was carried northwards. ...
• • Source: Review: "Miss West Comes Up" written by The Guardian's London correspondent; published on 20 October 1947
• • By the Numbers • •
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Mae West.

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