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Mae West: Nigel De Brulier

When MAE WEST's character Tira sat down to have her horoscope read in "I'm No Angel," actor Nigel De Brulier was opposite her, elaborately costumed as Rajah the Fortune Teller.
• • Born in the month of July — — on 8 July 1877 — — in Bristol, England, Nigel De Brulier began his long career in 1914 during the silent film era. Casting agents must have appreciated the five-foot-eight performer and he managed to successfully transition into "talkies." His authoritarian manner, crisp enunciation, poise, and aristocratic carriage gave him entry to the roles calling for cardinals, bishops, knights, priests, captains, prophets, and other authority figures he often portrayed. The character actor stayed busy until 1943 and was seen in 119 big screen productions. Nigel De Brulier died in Los Angeles on 30 January 1948. He was 70 years old.
• • In Her Own Words • •
• • Mae West (born on August 17th) wrote this snappy dialogue for her characters Tira and Rajah in "I'm No Angel" [1933].
• • Background: Tira, who performs in a circus sideshow, is famous for her hootchie-cootchie style — — a gal who discovered you don't have to have feet to dance. One evening Tira goes to the resident gypsy to have her fortune told. Rajah [played by Nigel de Brulier], the astrologer reads her horoscope.
• • • Rajah: You were born in August.
• • • Tira: Yeah, one of the hot months.
• • • Rajah: It was on the 17th under the sign of Leo, the Lion.
• • • Tira: Aw, King of the Beasts, huh.
• • Tira [pronounced TY-rah] is warned to be careful that night — — because she could be unlucky. Tira tells him that she'd like to know her future (because she knows all about her past).
• • • Rajah: Ah, you have a wonderful future. I see a man in your life.
• • • Tira: What — — only one?
• • • Rajah: But this is one very particular man. He is very wealthy, enormously wealthy.
• • • Tira: ... What does he look like?
• • • Rajah: I see he has brown eyes. In fact, I see two men... two different men. In the near future, I see a change. ... I see a change of position.
• • • Tira: Sitting or reclining? . . .
• • • Rajah: The horoscope — — keep this where you may consult it frequently.
• • • Tira: All right, I'll take it to bed with me.
• • Quote, Unquote • •
• • A movie buff in Mumbai, India writes: While the late American actress Mae West had declared, "The curve is more powerful than the sword!" And the one time sex goddess should know this from her experience and from lots of it. Here's looking at the curvaceous B-Town girls... .
• • Source: Review article: "Being curvy is the new rage in Bollywood" written by The Hit-List Team in Mumbai, India for Mid-Day News; posted on 7 July 2011
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