Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Mae West: Let George Do It

In 1978, George E. Carey was cast in "Sextette" as Dockweiler, an anxious State Department official who needs a favor from movie queen Marlo Manners played by MAE WEST. Born in Detroit, Michigan during the month of July — — on 13 July 1924 — — the flexible bit part player was surrounded by major marquee names who were navigating a nettlesome plot.
• • In "Sextette," conjugal bliss is being interminably delayed for the busy bride. Installed at the same hotel is the Sussex Court, occupied with an international conference led by the avuncular American diplomat Chambers (Walter Pidgeon, in his last performance) — — and, wouldn't you know it? One of their delegates is stubborn Soviet ‘Sexy’ Alexei Karansky (Tony Curtis), a former lover of Marlo’s who has refused to vote ‘da’ on a resolution of tremendous importance to world peace.
• • Dockweiler approaches Marlo’s manager Turner (Dom DeLuise) with an urgent plea from Uncle Sam: can his client somehow entice Alexei Karansky into, mmmm, changing his vote? In between trading yearning glances with her handsome groom and fending off former husbands, Marlo now has to consider her duty to The White House and the Secretary of State, for heaven's sake. It's enough to make a lady's bridal lace go limp.
• • Carey's c.v. included more than 30 film credits; he also wrote and produced two motion pictures in the 1970s. The veteran actor was often seen in commercials, in a popular soap opera, and guest starring on TV.
• • On 21 November 1994, George E. Carey died in Palm Springs, California at the age of 70.
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• • Mae West said: “A man's kiss is his signature.”
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• • Playbill columnist Matthew Blank writes: Three-time Tony Award nominee Rebecca Luker, currently appearing in Roundabout's staging of the new musical "Death Takes a Holiday," fills out's questionnaire with random facts, backstage trivia and pop-culture tidbits.
• • Broadway or screen stars of the past you would most love to have performed with? Rebecca Luker replied: Mae West, Robert Preston, James Cagney, Bert Lahr, Fred Astaire, Jimmy Stewart... we're gonna be here all day!
• • Source: Playbill's Cue & A: "Death Takes a Holiday Star Rebecca Luker" written by Matthew Blank for Playbill; posted on 12 Jul 2011
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