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Mae West: Arthur Lubin

Though MAE WEST, by choice, did not do much TV work, her fans really enjoyed her star turn on "Mr. Ed" — — broadcast on 22 March 1964. The actress would have gotten along very well with Mr. Ed, naturally, since she enjoyed visiting her father when he worked for horse owners as a bridle maker. During hard times, her unemployed father also worked as peddler relying on a rented horse and cart. Mae was dispatched all the way to a Coney Island stable to fetch a hired hack and horse, which she would ride home.
• • Arthur Lubin seemed to get along well with animals, too. Arthur Lubin, a closeted gay gentleman who was a friend of Mae West, scored a coup by persuading the screen icon to guest star in one episode of "Mister Ed." Born Arthur William Lubovsky in Los Angeles, California in the month of July — — on 25 July 1898 — — he was educated on the West Coast. When the first world war interrupted his studies, he served in the Navy and then returned to college and graduated. Since the world of cinema showed enormous potential, Lubin created his own film and music studio, Lubin Studios, during the 1920s and he began to act in silent films for five years.
• • Lubin met Mae West in Hollywood in 1932 when he was hired as a production assistant for "She Done Him Wrong," a big hit for Paramount Pictures. His directing debut quickly followed with "A Successful Failure" [1934]. Comedy was his metier and he found his footing quickly by helming a series of screen gems starring the vaudevillian team Abbott and Costello during the 1940s. Shortly after, Lubin directed the best of the Francis series of talking-mule farces for the big screen. Once he knew his way around the barn, it was an easy leap to the TV series centered on a talking horse, another family friendly animal theme.
• • Lubin's career ended in the late 1970s, and he retired to a quiet life shared with his male life partner. He died in Glendale, California at age 96 on 12 May 1995.
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• • Mr. Ed's Carol Post: Won't you sit down?
• • Mae West: Honey, you don't dare sit down in this gown — — it's standing room, only.
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• • Rochester, NY columnist Pam Sherman writes: Congratulations on your weddings. I can't help but finish this "toast" with a quote from the great Mae West: "Marriage is a great institution. No family should be without it." ...
• • Source: Article: "Suburban Outlaw: A toast to marriage's meaning" written by Pam Sherman for The Democrat and Chronicle; posted on Friday 22 July 2011
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