Sunday, July 24, 2011

Mae West: Leo Shuken

Two of MAE WEST's motion pictures featured contributions by the musician Leo Shuken.
• • Born in California on 8 December 1906, Leo Shuken began his Hollywood sojourn in 1936. His second assignment was composing original title music for "Go West Young Man," released that year. He also arranged the music for "Every Day's a Holiday" [1937]. Two years later, he would win an Oscar for "Stagecoach." His busy career offered him many chances to apply his versatility to light musicals, intense dramas, adventure tales, and Western fare. He lasted nearly four decades in the industry and he was involved in over 400 titles by the time he retired in 1974.
• • Leo Shuken died in Los Angeles in the month of July — — on 24 July 1976. He was age 69.
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• • Mae West wrote this line for her character Lady Lou: "The finest woman that ever walked the streets."
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• • World class bodybuilder Arthur Peacock remembered it this way: Joe (Sydney) Gold was born March 10, 1922, in Boyle Heights, in Los Angeles, and he lived until July 2004. Joe Gold served in the United States Merchant Marines during both World War II and the Korean Conflict, and later auditioned for Mae West and toured in her revue [during the 1950s]. The first Gold’s Gym opened in 1965 . . . .
• • Source: Article: "The history of Gold’s Gym, as told by Arthur Peacock" written by Jerry Budrick for The Amador Ledger Dispatch; posted on 22 July 2011
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