Friday, February 25, 2011

Mae West: Sarasota, Florida

If you are spending this weekend in Sarasota, then come up and see MAE WEST in a gaudy, bawdy show featuring the striptease and the best of burlesque.
• • Mae West featured in "The Blue Review" • •
• • Graceful moves of the tap-dancing World War II veteran will make you look closer at 90-year-old show-stopper Cliff Bermann. The genial charmer has been cast in "The Blue Revue," where he will (among his other roles) impersonate W.C. Fields opposite 81-year-old Selene Hawkins' as Mae West. Doing a vaudeville style skit, they will banter with each other, saying things like:
• • Him: "Goodness! What beautiful diamonds!"
• • Her: "Goodness had nothing to do with it."
• • These agile and personable golden agers, members of a vivacious troupe called The Sarasota Senior Theatre, will entertain all weekend long in Florida in a pelvis-grinding variety extravaganza that features stripteasers, Sally Rand fan dance numbers, and lots of high kicking fun — — organized and produced by Bill Bordy.
• • What: The Sarasota Senior Theatre performs "The Blue Revue"
• • Where: Booker High School Theater, 3201 Orange Avenue, Sarasota, FL
• • When: February 25th — 27th, 2011 [Friday Feb. 25th and Saturday Feb. 26th at 8:00PM, Sunday Feb. 27th at 2:00PM]
• • Details: T. 941-755-6864
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